LCMT 2019

Tracks - Cyclo


Houffalize-Clervaux- Litlle Switzerland-Houffalize
179 km XL distance and 123 km on the large distance
3100 ascent meters on XL-version

First stage of our LCMT CYCLO road tour: up to beautiful Grand Duché Luxemburg. Leaving Belgium after only 10 km up to Clervaux. First climbing on good asphalted road. We go further across the border with Germany, following the Our-river (upstream). Vianden Castle is next highlight after already enjoyed first food and drinking supply zone.. Indeed, here it all becomes a bit heavier: 3 succeeding climbings including some of it on well laid cobble stones. This one is called: Mont-Saint-Nicolas! Just before entering Echternach we are at our uttermost point of this 'Little Switzerland' journey. So we go back north-west through this beautiful Müllerthal straight up to Ettelbruck. A long spread climbing, not to steap but good for almost 9 km without any downhill or flat roads. Most difficult climbing waits at km 140 and then slightly passing Fatima's town Wiltz, we choose our ways back to Belgium.

Climbings of the day:
After 25 km: 3,4 km at 4,4%
Km 67 km: 3,3 km at 6%
Km 80: 3,9 km at 4,4%
Km 91: 5 km at 2,9%
Km 101: 6,6 km at 2,8%
Km 124: 9 km at 3,2%
Km 140: 2,6 km at 8,2%
Km 154 km: 1,8 km at 7,7%

Food and drinking supply zones
After 62 km: top Saint-Nicolas climbing Vianden (toilets available there!)
After 92 km: Berdorf (Petite Suisse)
After 135 km: Göbelsmühle (for the 'large' distance here also, but after 80 km)

ETAPPE 1 - L (Cyclo)

Houffalize - Clervaux/Stolzembourg/Vianden - Houffalize
123 km
2100 ascent meters

This first stage brings us to the beautiful Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. After 10 km we leave Belgium to cycle towards Clervaux. Here is the first climb already presented. Then we head for the German border, then cycle along the edges of Die Our towards Stolzembourg and the famous climbing of Saint-Nicolas in Vianden. There the 'large' ones leave the big distance up to Goebelsmuhle(shortcut). From Goebelsmuhle both distances are again together till the finish. Including the climb after Goebelsmuhle on your way to Wiltz: 2.6 km at 8.2%. Then we set course towards Wiltz and finally back to Belgium to return to the Houffalize football stadium after 123 difficult kilometers.

After 24 km: 3.4 km of 4.4%
After 50 km: 2.4 km of 8.7%
After 60 km: 2.6 km of 8.2%
After 84 km: 1.8 km to 7.7%

ETAPPE 1 - M (Cyclo)

Houffalize - Clervaux/Wiltz - Houffalize 
72 km

The medium or smallest stage on day 1 of LCMT starts towards Clervaux, where it leaves the XL and L stage to the left and immediately goes to Wiltz. Just near Clervaux and Wiltz are 2 tricky slopes.

After 30 km: 2.2 km of 4.9%
After 46 km: 2.8 km of 4.8%


Houffalize - Côte de Wanne/Ostkantone - Houffalize
161 km (2462 ascent meters)

The 2nd CYCLO stage brings us into a beautiful piece of Belgian nature. First we head to the East Cantons towards Sankt-Vith and Amel. We take off in the area of ​​Malmédy / Stavelot to climb the famous Côte de Wanne. Then it goes over to Trois-Ponts (environment waterfalls Coo) gradually to La Roche. The longest 'col' of Belgium is located near the game park (Parc des Gibiers): the col de Haussire. We now climb from the other, shorter but also steeper side. In the valley of the Ourthe, a few nice kilometers continue to the finish at Saint-Roch.

profiel 2de etappe cyclo

Etappe 2 - L (Cyclo)

Houffalize - Ostkantone - Houffalize
121 km
1900 ascent meters

ritprofiel LCMT cyclo etappe 2 large


Stage 3 - XL - 145 km


Stage 3 - Large - 100 km  for 1500 ascent meters


Stage 3 - medium - 71 km for 1060 ascent meters

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