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Choose your distance in LCMT: XL, large or medium?

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The LCMT is tailor-made for everyone, provided that the necessary physical preparations are taken into account. Not everyone has the capacity to cover the full distances for 3 or 4 days. Age, or available training time for those who have other, e.g. professional obligations, largely determines your cycling pleasure. Is the XL distance that is presented perhaps a bit too much? For that reason, the LCMT also offers shorter variants, referred to here as 'large' and 'medium'. On the racing bike, the 'medium' can only be obtained in advance and you will therefore only find the shortcut on GPS. For mountainbikers, all intermediate sections are again separately signposted. You will also receive a confirmation sign after each past turn with reference to the LARGE or MEDIUM choice you just made. Especially for those who cycle with time registration, it is important to take a good look there!

From now on you can pass on your choice of distance. Use this LINK and indicate which distances you will cycle daily. A second - not obligatory - question gives you the opportunity to revoke a previous formula choice with your registration. Suppose you had chosen MTB XL competition but you don't think you will get 'top' enough in May, then you can always pass on an adjustment with this link. The reverse is also possible, of course: upgrading from 'large' or 'fun rider' to XL and/or competition...

Is it important that you do this NOW? (message publication on January 26 = 4 months before the start) NO, take your time, there will be a reminder via newsletter mail anyway. At the latest 6 weeks before the start, around mid-April, you are expected to stick to your choice. Because around that time, the starting numbers will be ordered by name and the assigned numbers are of course linked to the formula you have chosen.

What if you cycle along purely recreationally, so without a chrono? Mandatory answers are then not necessary, but it does provide direction for our supply calculations to be able to estimate how many people will now cycle on the XL distance on the basis of all the information obtained? And how many opt for shorter variants. On the XL you visit 3 supply zones every day. If you drive Large or Medium, you will usually encounter less supplies along the way.

What about Combi, triathlon and duathlon? They don't have to do ANYTHING, because the distance formulas are fixed here: COMBI drivers always do the XL if they want to appear in the final classification. Triathletes also cycle the full XL distance, except for the ladies who are expected to ride the 'large' cycling distance. Duathletes always 'bike' the 'large' or therefore slightly shorter distance, since they also have to run before and after.

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