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Palmares LCMT 2022

Classement final MTB xl

1. Thomas SPRENGERS (total time 12.20.37)

2. Kenneth Coomans  at 20'16

3. Lander Sels             at 53'41

Masters 1: Jo Vertongen

Masters 2: Tom Struyven

Ladies:  Karen Steurs

Large-distance: 1. Mario Kaulard - 2. Kenny Roelandt - 3. Ruben Verhees


1. Patrick DE LAAT (total time 15.24.13)

2. Jonas Quartier at 9'25

3. Stijn Deruyter at 1h07'47



1. Steven DICK (total time 16.25.48)

2.Kris Jennes at 1h38'22

3. Johan De Bent at 1h54'45

CYCLO (non-official, only time registration): Tom Swartelé (total time: 11.20.40);  Lion Trommer (total time: 11.32.21); Dominiek Meurisse (total time: 11.48.07)

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Palmares LCMT 2019

Winner LCMT 2019 - Jurgen VAN DEN BON (BEL)
2nd: Bart Van Driessche

3rd: Maxime Gosseries

Dames: Veronique FLORIZOONE (BEL)

Masters (40+): Jurgen Van den Bon

Masters (50 +): Kevin Holloway (ENG)

Youngsters (<23): Wout Roggeman
Best climber: Robin Schuermans wins the Poppyshirt
Stage winners LCMT (xl): Maxime Gosseries (stage 1), Jurgen Van Den Bon (stage 2), Kris Vanden Bulcke (stage 3) 

1. Peter VAN LEUFFELEN (incl. 4 X stage-winner also)
2. Lieven Schroyen
3. Dirk Buellens

1. Kris JENNES
2. Steven Dick
3. Bernd Vandenberghe
Triathlon-shorter version: 1. Steven Ooms

Triathlon-Ladies: 1. Emilie Vandevoorde, 2. Astrid De Baat

1. Pieter OOMS
2. Marnick Dresen
3. Stijn Deruyter

stage-winners cross-duathlon: Manuel Dreser (st.1), Pieter Ooms (st. 2 en 3)

CYCLO: toptime by Maxime PIRARD

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Palmares 2018

Winner LCMT 2018 - Jurgen VAN DEN BON (BEL)
Runner up: Rick Van Der Sande (also best youngster)

Masters (40+): Bjorn Rondelez

Masters (50 +): Andreas Suls

King of the Mountains: Robin Schuermans wins the Poppyshirt

Combi-tour: Tom VAN LOON (2nd one former winner Dirk Buellens)

Triathlon: Niki DEVOLDERE before Rinus Holvoet (who wins by points)
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Edition LCMT 25 - 28 May 2017

Winner LCMT 2017 - Patrick DE LAAT (NED)

Runner-up: Bram Saeys

3rd: Bram Huysentruyt

Ladies Winner: Hilde VERSCHAEVE (BEL)

Masters (40+): Bjorn Rondelez

Masters (50 +): Andreas Suls

Youngsters (<23 yrs): Lucas Cornette

Best Climber: Dave De Cleyn wins the Poppyshirt

Stage winners: Bram Saeys (etappe 1), Patrick De Laat (etappe 2), Bram Saeys (etappe 3)
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Wanted: retro stories going back in time

We look forward to get your stories about your earlier LCMT-adventures. Knowing well that the LCMT once started as a big adventure in 1999, we have achieved already 96 LCMT-stages untill now! As the May 2017 edition is number 19 for mountainbikers, in fact one should count even this as the number 20, since in 2002 we organized 2 LCMT's in one year: the open tour in May and the specific UCI-tour called LCMT-FLANDERS won by Dutch professional Bas van Dooren in August of the same year. So it's time to get the old heroic stories now for our Golden Book. If you have your personal LCMT-memory, send it through including pictures! You may win some of our valuable prices! Use the contact formular, the e-mail address and the Facebook page! We are looking forward to hear from you.

The Golden Book between 2006 - 2016

Een ruimer overzicht met verhaal en anecdotes is nog in opmaak, conform de historische terugblik op de pioniersjaren. Hier publiceren we voor de volledigheid der statistieken alle resterende verreden edities.

LCMT 2016 (5 – 8 mei)

Winner LCMT 2016 – Cedric HIMPE (BEL)
Tweede: Patrick De Laat
Derde: Erik Gelder
Masters (40+): Björn Rondelez
Masters (50+): Günther Reitz (GER)
Beloften: Lukas Kersting (GER)
Bergprijs/puntenklassement: Cedrik Himpe
Etappewinnaars: Cedric Himpe (etappe 1), Martijn Buld (etappe 2), Erik Gelder (etappe 3)

Winner LCMT COMBI-Tour 2016 – Steven NIJS (BEL)
Tweede: Edwin Thijs
Derde: Diedrik De Mulder
Etappes: Teejay Van der Gucht (etappe 1 en etappe 2), Diedrik De Mulder (etappe 3), Steven Nijs (etappe 4)

LCMT CYCLO 2016 snelste gemiddelde: Wim VAN HOOLST (BEL)
Per etappe: Wim Van Hoolst (etappe 1), Joris Quanten (etappe 2), Jonas Vandergraesen (etappe 3)

LCMT 2015 (14 – 17 mei)

Winner LCMT 2015 – Christian MEYER (DEU)
Tweede: Jan-Frederik Finoulst
Derde: Cedric Himpe
Masters (40+): Peter Wuyts
Masters (50+): Peter Cornelis
Bergprijs/puntenklassement: Jan-Frederik Finoulst
Etappewinnaars: Jef Van Hoof (etappe 1), Christian Meyer (etappe 2), Cédric Himpe (3A en 3B), Jan-Frederik Finoulst (etappe 4)

LCMT CYCLO 2015 snelste gemiddelde: Jeroen BORGERS (BEL)
Snelste gemiddelde per etappe: Jeroen Borgers (etappe 1), Jernst Tempelaar (etappe 2), Mike Coens (etappe 3)

LCMT 2014

Winner LCMT 2014 - Bart CLASSENS (NED)

Tweede: Leander Hamelink

Derde: Wim Feyaerts


Masters (40+): Hans Planckaert

Masters (50+): Erik Ryckaert

Bergprijs/puntenklassement: Bart Classens

Etappewinnaars: Leander Hamelink (1A), Kris Driessens (stage 1B), Bart Classens (stage 2), Leander Hamelink (stage 3), Karel De Wael (stage 4)

LCMT 2013

Winner LCMT 2013 - Leander HAMELINK (NED)

Tweede: Wim Thijs

Derde: Kris Coddens


Etappewinnaars: Kris Coddens (stage 1, 4, 6 en 7), Leander Hamelink (stages 2 en 3), Rony Van Dael (stage 5) 

LCMT 2012

Winner LCMT 2012 - Ron DEZITTERE (BEL)

Tweede: Mario Van Gucht

Derde: Isaak Bultynck


Etappewinnaars: Rony Vandael (1A), Isaak Bultynck (1B), Ron Dezittere (ritten 2 en 3), Mario Van Gucht (3B en 4B), Leander Hamelink (4A) 

LCMT 2011

Winner LCMT 2011 - Mike MULKENS (BEL)

Tweede: Mario Van Gucht

Derde: Ron Dezittere 

LCMT 2010

Winner LCMT 2010 - Mario VAN GUCHT (BEL)

Tweede: Mike Mulkens

Derde: Michael Ossieur

Bergprijs: Mario Van Gucht 

LCMT 2009

Winner LCMT 2009-Mario VAN GUCHT (BEL)

Tweede : Hans Urkens

Derde : Ron Dezittere

Eerste jongere : Robby Cobbaert

Eerste master : Ronny Vandael

Eerste dame : Natalie Franken 

LCMT 2008

Winner LCMT 2008- SOLO : Hans Urkens (BEL)

Tweede : Robby De Bock

Derde : Gregory van Sinaey

Vierde : Job van Hout

Vijfde : Hans Planckaert


Tweede : Willy Moons en Bob Hannes

Derde : Bart van Keimpema en Rob van der Werf

Vierde : Andy Mouton en Christophe De Mits

Vijfde : Luc Baert en Kris Benaerens 

LCMT 2007

Winner LCMT 2007 : Niels BOON (NED)

Tweede : Jeroen Spijkerman

Derde : Eric Vercauteren

Vierde : Patrick Peeters

Vijfde : Marc Rongen 

LCMT 2006

Winner LCMT 2006 : Nicolas VERMEULEN (BEL)

Tweede : Peter Van Impe

Derde : Dany Balman

Vierde : Jimmy Grade

Vijfde : Eddy Marichal

Interclubtrofee : Funky Racing Team 

History Tour LCMT2003@2005 : prestigious winners and a fast growing starting 'peloton'!

LCMT 2005 : West-Vlamingen én Nederlanders boven

Winner LCMT 2005 : Niek LINGIER (BEL)

Second : Peter Coddens (3:28:29)

Third : Peter Verhoeven (3:32:25)

Fourth : Patrick Peeters (NED) (3:32:57)

Fifth : Jeffrey Taveirne (3:32:54)

Interclubtrofee : Funky Racing Team

Honourable mentionning: Sigrid Rondelez the only woman that finished all stages in very bad weather conditions. 

LCMT 2004: De Nef's second over-all victory

Winner LCMT 2004 : Kris DE NEF (BEL) (2nd victory)

Second : Peter Maes

Third : Marnix Pielaet

Fourth : Hans Planckaert

Fifth : Eric Gugelot

Interclubtrophy : Xtreme Bikers from Begijnendijk (3th consecutive time!) 

LCMT 2003: Brems, young star discovers himself

Winner LCMT 2003 : Bjorn BREMS (BEL)

2nd : Ludo Lefever

3th : Kris De Nef

4th : Jeffrey Taveirne

5th : Hans Planckaert

Interclubtrophy : Xtreme Bikers from Begijnendijk


History TourLCMT@2002: A 2nd UCI-tour & first time 4 days with Ascencion week-end

Winner LCMT 2002 (uci-tour mid August) : Bas VAN DOOREN (NED)

Runner up: Erwin Bakker (NED)

Third: Bjorn Rondelez 

Winner LCMT 2002 (amateur-version Ascencion Week-end) : Kris DE NEF (BEL)

Runner up : André Coppers

Third : Peter Maes
Alle time-trails won by Kris De Nef (4 X)! 

INTERCLUBTROPHY : X treme Bikers uit Begijnendijk 

History Tour@LCMT2001 - Roel Paulissen wins first UCI-tour integrated in a 7-days LCMT

Winner LCMT 2001 (uci-tour): Roel PAULISSEN (BEL)

Runner up: Filip Meirhaeghe

Third: Bjorn Rondelez

Stage-winners: Roel Paulissen, Filip Meirhaeghe, Sam Gardiner (U.K.), Bjorn Rondelez 

Winner amateur LCMT 2001 : Etienne STIENEN (BEL) (non-profs/ 7-days with time-trials)

Runner up : Frank Wuyts (B)

Third : Peter Thijssen (Nl)


History Tour@LCMT2000 : Björn Rondelez, man of cyclocross the best in 9 stages

Winners of the chrono-stages: Leon Daniels (Nl- Gulpen-Gulpen); Bjorn Rondelez (Hoge Venenchrono); Bjorn Rondelez (Cherain-Houffalize); Peter Van Den Abeele (St.-Hubert - Nassogne); Bjorn Rondelez (Dinant - Haut le Wastia); Etienne Stienen (Leuven); Filip Meirhaeghe (Geraardsbergen); Gert Peleman (Koppenberg - Oude Kwaremont); Bjorn Rondelez (Nieuwkerke - Rodeberg); Walter Peeters (Rodeberg - Catsberg). 
PHOTO: Ypres, Grote Markt before the last stage

History Tour@LCMT1999 : Big adventure, in 9 days from the Netherlands over Ardennes to Belgian Coast!

Today back to the nineties: PIONEERS ON THEIR ADVENTURE TRAILS THROUGHOUT THE LOW COUNTRIES! Winner LCMT 1999 : Wouter ROGIERS (BEL) Runner up : Thierry Goos Third : Marcy Meeuws  Despite the long distances only short trails during the stages were used for the time-registration. The rest was recreative but of course obligational as well. Those time-trials were divided under next winners: Wouter Rogiers (4 X), Jo Naert (2 X), Thierry Goos (1X), Marcy Meeuws (1X) . Gedurende drie van de 9 (!) etappes was de top-3 van het toenmalige Belgische profmountainbiken aanwezig in de LCMT. Met name Filip Meirhaeghe, Peter Van den Abeele en Roel Paulissen maakten toen hun opwachting en verbroederden spontaan met het net geen 80 koppen tellende deelnemersveld. Op de eerste 3 dagen startten er trouwens ruim 120 mountainbikers. De formule liet toen toe om 3 van de 9 ritten uit te pikken. Vooral de 3 Ardennen-dagen kenden hierbij succes. Do you remember the original stages of that first year? Here is the whole itinerary? Stage 1: Gulpen (Nederlands Limburg) - Bütgenbach (1st start on 7 August 1999). Stage 2: Bütgenbach - Houffalize (1ste X in current hotel then known as Ol Fosse d'Outh!) Stage 3: Houffalize - Rochefort Stage 4: Rochefort - Citadelle of Namur Stage 5: Namur - Halle (nearby Brussels) Stage 6: (Halle) - Geraardsbergen - Ronse Stage 7: Ronse - Ieper (Ypres) Stage 8: Zillebeke (Ieper) - Heuvellandse bergzone - Rodeberg Stage 9: Rodeberg - De Panne Beach

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