LCMT 2019

Why you should ride the "LCMT"-event!

LCMT = all-in package

Excellent food & drinking supply services

Before the start (sport drinks and sport bars), on the road (3 times for the XL-distance) and at the finish there are excellent food and drinking supply services.

Perfectly signposted stages

There is put a lot of work into the design of our stages. You enjoy perfectly signposted rides with signalmen and additional information boards.
Red cross allways around!

*INSURANCE: civil liability and personal injury
*FIRST AID: Presence of a mobile team of Red Crossmen at the supply services and at the finish
*MEDICAL ASSISTANCE: There are two doctors available during the LCMT. After the ride they hold consultations and, if necessary, you can obtain medications. This is free of charge.
Professional mechanics

On the way and at the supply services + after the finish there are professional mechanics available. They will repair your bike. Only the new spare parts have to be paid by you.
Competition or fun? Souvenir for everyone.

Time registration (brevet gold-silver-bronze) in the ROAD-tour and a real competition (chrono from start to finish) if you choose to bike the  MOUNTAINBIKE-tour. Also official standings in COMBI-Tour, TRIATHLON and CROSS-DUATHLON.

Everyone will receive a unique souvenir of the LCMT & a nice goodie bag at the start. You also enjoy strong PROMO actions, such as the possibility to purchase the personalized LCMT-outfit (webshop via Bio-Racer).


Bike-cleaning is of course available daily at the finish.


Professional bike surveillance when the bikes are putted away in the garage of the hotel, also at night.

Compex-electrostimulation & Massage

Daily FREE service by COMPEX electrostimulation (nearby finish). Massages also available by our very kind kiné- & massageteam. You will be able to get your massage-appointment even before start of the day. All riders will receive the invitation to make their personal reservation. Especially for XL-riders this will avoid long waitings for their perhaps hard needed massage after finishing.

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