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Book also your lodgings at Hotel Vayamundo

After subscribing for the cycling or mountainbiking or other formulas in LCMT (using you can also look for suitable lodgings. Down below you find a list of possible hotels, B&B's and holiday houses. Hotel Vayamundo (capacity of +550 beds) is of course one of the places to be in Houffalize. You may use the promocode 'LCMT' on this page:

The hotel staff will help you further if you wish to share room with other(s). As an individual rider you will receive the 'single room' supplement. But after contacting the staff, they may give you the option to share a 2-persons room with another LCMT-participant that also wishes to avoid the single-room supplement. You can also supply to add more of your other friends in your room-list!
Contactpersons hotel Vayamundo:, or phone: +32 (0)61/280580 or

On special request by the hotelmanagement LCMT-bikers have to book separately their lodgings after finishing their subscribe-procedure here. So from 15 September till 30 November, all rooms will be exclusively available for LCMT-bikers only in Hotel Vayamundo. You can also check out all other hotel- and B&B options here!

For a complete listing, go to the tourism office website of Tourisme Houffalize-La Roche (click here)
More accommodation suggestions:

  • Hotel Vayamundo: please also mention following promotional code LCMT when booking your room at Vayamundo Houffalize
--> Until recently this was one of the options when the LCMT-organisation offered the all-in-one arrangements. Now with the seperation between event-booking and hotel-booking (which is part of hotel policies), how to ask the EVENING BEFORE BREAKFAST ONLY-supplement?
ANSWER HOTELMANAGEMENT: "Impossible to combine this in 1 booking. Technically you cannot ask 1 night breakfast only and the other nights in HP. So we ask you to do 2 seperate hotel bookings: one during the event in HP and if you want to sleep already in hotel the evening before with breakfast only, do another booking. Or you may always send us an e-mail (, so we may work this out for you. Evening Before bookings (B&B formulal) is without the promo-code anyway.

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