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Parcours - Mountainbike tour 2018

Where to find the most interesting zones to support your favourite mountainbiker?

Use this LINK and you can find the best places on the tracks of the LCMT mountainbike stages (for GPS)
You ain't seen nothing yet!

On top of this page you get introduced in the 20th edition of the LCMT for mountainbikers.
Go to our LCMT-CHANNEL (videos) to see some of our action scenes.

Down below you can see also distances and ascent meters for every stage & XL/Large version. Be sure of one thing: this is the best you can experience in the Belgian-Luxembourg Ardennes on a mountainbike!
LCMT 2018 starting from Houffalize, once again the place to be!

Table with distances & ascent meters




Stage 1 (a maximum of pure bike-fun with 40 km of wood trails, discover the 'unknown'!)

91,7 km - 2512 ascent meters

46 km - 1300 ascent meters

Stage 2 (up to Luxemburg & Clervaux Abbey)

97 km & 2526 ascent meters

76 km & 2130 ascent meters

52 km & 1150 ascent meters (only in case of bad weather)

Stage 3: Boucles d'Houffalize

81 km & 2200 ascent meters

55 km & 1500 hm


Etappe 1

Houffalize - Bertogne - Houffalize
92 km
2550 ascent meters     
The first stage will start straight away direction Côte de St.-Roch. Beautiful biking direction Bonnerue and further up against the sharp Ourthe-flanks. We cross over to Warempage. First supply zone. If you are in to a rather calm start of your fun-tour, it’s an option to go back from here and limit you to the ' 47 km'-trip. Any how, that's the only shortcut option in this ride. Perhaps more ' medium ' so and not really "large", although we have put it in our review under that umbrella. The supply zone, however, is also the gateway to a never before discovered mountainbike area in LCMT. We designed indeed a 40 km long biking trail through beautiful Ardennes forest. Enjoy this succession of descents and climbs. During our winter exploration it was quite a challenge to keep our feet dry when (on foot) crossing the water near Mousny. But, all the time off road biking in this fully wooded area is a 100%  nature experience! We get our second supply near Givroulle (Bertogne) and also found a challenging ‘best climber’-contest just after crossing the main road Bertogne-La Roche. A spicy climb over typical stones brings us back to Warempage (supply again, same as 1st passage). The LCMT-bike peloton then turn on course to Engreux, also there is another rather long ascent. With what you already have done, fatigue in the legs sure will play in everyone's judgment about the gravity of that slope. Through the environment of Achouffe (remain south of the ‘beer-village') we get the finish gradually in sight.
Houffalize - Warempage - Houffalize
46 km
1350 ascent meters       

Etappe 2

Houffalize - Clervaux - Houffalize
97 km
2542 ascent metres
Houffalize - Clervaux - Houffalize
74 km
1756 ascent metres
Houffalize - Hoffelt - Houffalize
50 km (and 885 ascent meters)

Finale stage 'Boucles d'Houffalize'

3 boucles
83 km
1830 ascent meters
2 boucles
54 km
1200 ascent meters

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