LCMT 2021


Program LCMT Triathlon (21 - 24 May ) & the new Cross-Duathlon (22 - 24 May)

Format Triathlon « King of the Ardennes 2020 »

Official program
Day 1: 135 km road cycling & 12 km cross-country running  Day 2: 500 m indoor swimming/ 135 km road cycling & 12 km cross-country running  Day 3: 2 km outdoor swimming/ 138 km road cycling & 12 km cross-country running
Day 4: 2 km outdoor swimming/ 42 km mountainbike and 12 km cross-country running.
All together 4,5 km swimming - 450 km cycling (of which 42 km on mountanbike) - 48 km running

Indoor swimming is in the swimming pool of Hotel Vayamundo, in the morning between 7.00 and 8.00 hrs. In case of cold weather the other outdoor swimming contests would also be replaced by outdoor swimming. Time table in that case the same as indicated 'outdoor'-swimming but shorter distance (500 m) and also in smaller groups (like it's been organized on first swimming day: 6 - 8 swimmers together in the water).
Format Cross-Duathlon 2020 »

Official program: off-road cycling = the 'medium' distances of the mountainbike tour:
22 May - start 10.10: 6 km running - 47 km MTB - 6 km running 23 May - start 9.40:
6 km running - 53 km MTB - 6 km running 24 May - start 8.55: 6 km running - 42 km MTB - 6 km running

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Between 17.00 hrs and 21.30 hrs: you can check-in in the bike hotel Vayamundo (if you want lodgings 'night before')

Thursday 21 May 2020

7.15 - 8.15 hrs: breakfast buffet for those who are staying already in hotel Vayamundo

8.00 - 9.30 hrs: pick-up your start package at the FOOTBALL STADIUM OF RESC HOUFFALOISE (top of Saint-Roch climbing).

10.15 hrs: START 1st stage Houffalize – Spa & Oostkantons - Houffalize (LARGE-distance 120 km)
START@ 10.15 hrs!

Between 14.00 till approximately 16.00 hrs a 12 km trail run for those who are participating the TRIATHLON formula.

Friday 22 May 2020

6.45 - 7.30 hrs: TRIATHLON-athletes will do their morning swim (500 m) in the hotel swimming pool (numbers 509 - 516 start their swimming at 7.00 hrs - numbers 501 - 508 start at 7.15 hrs) .

7.15 - 8.30 hrs: breakfast buffet if you stay in Hotel Vayamundo!

START @ 9u30 TRIATHLON stage 2 of CYCLO: "Houffalize – Clervaux – Echternach – Wiltz – Houffalize" ('large' = 128 km)

10u10 CROSS-DUATHLON starts with a 6 km run, then 48 km MTB and finally another 6 km run

10.15 hrs: START 1st stage
START@ 10.15 hrs!

Between 13.30 hrs and 15.30 hrs a 12 km trail run to finish your day!
Cross-duathlon: 6 km run in the end

Saturday 23 May 2020

6.50 - 8.15 hrs: breakfast buffet if you stay in Hotel Vayamundo!

8.10 hrs: all triathletes cycle together (a car will proceed) up to the starting point of swimming, easy-ride part of 14 km.
9.00 hrs: TRIATHLON- SWIM 2,5 km in the Lake of Nisramont START @ 9.00 hrs, after the swimming immediately on the bicycles, riding up to Compogne and proceeding the 3th ROAD-Tour stage (details down below)
9u40: CROSS-DUATHLON 6 km run, then 46 km MTB and finally another 6 km run

3rd Stage, ROAD-tour day 3: Houffalize – Bavigne – Wiltz – Clervaux – Houffalize counting 103 km (incl. the link of 13 km between Nisramont and Compogne).

TRIATHLON: After finishing your cycling tour still 12 km trail run or in case of the 'minor' distance only 6 km
CROSS-DUATHLON: after mountainbiking another 6 km to be run

Sunday 24 mei 2020

6.50 - 8.00 hrs: breakfast buffet if you stay in Hotel Vayamundo!

TRIATHLON: 9.00 hrs: 2,5 km of swimming (same als Saturday). After swimming you cycle 2,5 km towards the mountainbike stage. You ride the medium mtb-distance that day, a total distance of 45 km. In the end still a trial run of 12 km (or in case you choose the lighter version 6 km).

CROSS-DUATHLON: 8u50: start with 6 km run, then 42 km MTB and finishing with final 6 km run

15.00 - 16.00 hrs: Ceremony, prize-distribution...

Tariffs at "LCMT goes triathlon or cross-duathlon"

tRIATHLON: same tariffs as in the COMBI-TOUR. No extra charging for the swimming and trial runs. If you are a licenced triathlete or cyclist, no supplement for insurance & day-licence is required.

CROSS-DUATHLON: same tariffs as in the competition formula of the MOUNTAINBIKE TOUR. Only difference in 'insurances' as MTB-tour is under Belgian Cycling Federation and the cross-duathlon is under the Wallonian Triathlon-Duathlon Federation. If you have a competition licence in your own discipline of course no extra's for insurance!

All info on the tariffs: PageLink

Important FAQ's

1/ Comment on change du vélo à l'épreuve course à pied?

Non le temps court toujours pour le total de la journée. Tout le monde prépare ses souliers pour courir sur une place bien indiquée: stade du football de RESC Houffaloise, tout près l'arrivée. 

2/ Quels vêtements? Changer complètement selon la discipline prend plus de temps.

Nous prévoyons une vestiaire près l'arrivée. Vos souliers pour courir peuvent déjà être mis sur place - zone indiqué.

3/ Comment changer après la natation (uniquement pour le triathlon)? 

Changer de vêtements sur place est possible (centre Adeps à Engreux). 

4/ Comment ça se fait pendant les ravitaillements, Combien de fois pouvons nous boire/manger? 

Ravitaillements 3 fois par étape (voir roadbook). Prenez le temps pour bien manger en prendre suffissament de boissons. Pour la course à pied, il y a une poste fixe à l'arrivée. 

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