LCMT 2021

Parcours - Triathlon Special

Thursday 21 May

Friday 22 May

Saturday 23 May

Sunday 24 May

Stage 1:
141 km road cycling through the Grand Duché of Luxemburg, ending the day with a 12 km run

Stage 2:
500 meter swimming in hotel swimming pool (morning) - 135 km road cycling -
12 km trial-running

Stage 3:
2000 meter swimming in the Lake of Nisramont, followed by a 138 km road-cycling ride. Back in Houffalize, still 12 km to run

Stage 4:
2000 m swimming in Lake of Nisramont, then 42 km of mountainbiking, finally 12 km running.

Trail runs in LCMT Triathlon - King & Queen of the Ardennes & cross-duathlon (3 days)

Thursday 21 May

you run immediately after cycling!

Friday 23 May

  • TRIATHLON: 12 km run after finishing cycling part
  • CROSS-DUATHLON: first 6 km running at 10.10 hrs (= 5 minutes before the other mountainbikers start their MTB-stage); after finishing the MTB-'medium'-distance you still need to run same 6 km again!
  • Trail run MAP and details later 

Saturday 23 May

  • TRIATHLON starts@ 13.15-14.30 (after finishing your ROAD-stage)

  • CROSS-DUATHLON: 6 km running before MTB-ride (at 9.55 = 5 minutes before start of MTB-stage), then 53 KM MEDIUM-distance MTB and finally another 6 km running on same trail!

Sunday 24 May

  • TRIATHLON: immediately after mountainbiking still 12 km to run
  • PLAN and parcours to be published here later!
  • CROSS-DUATHLON: 6 km lrunning at 8.55 hrs (5 minutes before group start MTB-stage), then you need to bike the  off-road distance of 42 km and finish the day with another 6 km final run.

Zwemproeven in LCMT-triathlon 2020

Op de tweede dag van de LCMT-triathlon vindt de eerste zwemproef plaats. Vanaf 6u45 kunnen de triatleten zich begeven naar het zwembad van Hotel Vayamundo. De deelnemers leggen hier 20 lengtes, ofwel 500 meter af. Groep A start om 7u (nummers 509 - 516). Groep B start om 7u15 (nummers 501 - 508). Nadien kunnen ze zich opmaken om aan hun eerste mountainbikeavontuur te beginnen dat om 10u15 begint. 
On day 3 and on day 4: two beautiful swimming contests in the Lake of Nisramont, both 2000 meters. In case of bad weather only indoor swimming in hotel swimming pool, shorter distance of 500 m.

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