LCMT 2018


Merry Christmas & a very sporting & healthy New Year!

LCMT 2018 klinkt nu al op de toekomst! Gisteren 'officieel' akkoord voor het MTB-parcours van de dienst Natuur & Bos (cantonnement La Roche) ontvangen! Vandaag de 494ste deelnemer geregistreerd. Op naar de 500ste deelnemer voor Kerstmis? Een fles champagne is zijn of haar deel in dat geval (te ontvangen tijdens LCMT)!

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Never seen before: even 40th biker in competition tour receive prize-money!

Look at the table here below to discover how it works if you are a competitive mountainbiker!
Also daily top-10 prize-money and a special for the 3 best ladies (100 - 60 - 40 EUR). Still many product prizes to win. 
As for the COMBI-tour and TRIATHLON we still focus on valuable prizes in products to be won!
You are a fun-biker/cyclist and non-competitive? No problem, the 4000 EUR in products will also be distributed in special tombola and facebook actions!

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Re-opening Luxembourg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour 2018: 30 september at 10.15 hrs

At 10.15 hrs we open subscribe pages, precisely on the traditional starting hour of the opening stage (both LCMT cyclo and LCMT mtb start their first stage always at 10 U15 in Houffalize).

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OPEN "Boucles d'Houffalize" on Sunday 28 of May supporting OLLIE SCHOUPPE and his 2 kids...

The LCMT 2017 is sold out. No more tickets available to join the Tour whether on roadbike or mountainbike. Because still so many people still apply to participate we finally propose this solution: 

SUNDAY 28 MAY, final day of 4 days Luxembourg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour, a SPECIAL FORMAT has been developped: 

The BOUCLES d’HOUFFALIZE (including a brand new logo for this day-event).

1 'MOUNTAINBIKE MARATHON with time registrations' - 3 'Boucles' (=French for circle formed tracks) - 3 Distances! 

We also make a direct link to CHARITY: 
The Boucles D ' houffalize modifies by return his social objective. 10 EUR will NOT like before transferred to a humanitarian project in Africa. Although this also is our concern and attention, we recently were more affected by the suffering that one of our loyal participants is badly injured and lost his wife in a tragic car accident. 10 EUR/subscriber will be adressed towards Oliver Schouppe (former LCMT-participant and normally back with us in coming event) who is still fighting to recover. He and two kids still mourn about the loss of their beloved wife and mother, Ilde Cleemput

A maximum of 400 day-tickets will be set available from February 1st till May 21th at last.
More details (e.g. about tarifs) here:


Leader jerseys LCMT 2017: mountainbike, combi-tour, triathlon + SOCKS for all of you

Superb quality these leader jerseys: general leader in mountainbike (left) and daily celebration... General leaders also in the COMBI-tour and triathlon. Best Master, Youngster and Lady also get a similar jersey in the end! The 'souvenir-bikeshirt for all participants is very similar to the over-all MTB-leader! Still interested? Hurry up to the special order- use this LINK!
We are also happy to announce that ALL LCMT RIDERS CAN RECEIVE A PAIR OF BIKE-SOCKS8 All you have to do is fill in your foot-size. Use this link


Ask now your personalized LCMT-bike shirt and short + socks!

Don't wait any longer if you want to be member of the selected group of proud LCMT-wearing bikers and cyclists! April 1st is last moment to place the order if you want to get this shirt at the start. 

Click here to order!
Not to forget: do your payment at the same time. We only send through paid orders to Bio-Racer. Thanks for your understanding.

WIN2 & Telenet new partners of the LCMT event

WIN2 is the official supplier for all isotone sportdrinks during and after (recovery) the coming LCMT. Together with WIN2 also TELENET, famous telecommunication company will be a logistic partner of the coming event in the Belgian & Luxembourg Ardennes. Welcome @ WIN2! Welcome @ Telenet! We are proud and happy to announce these two new sponsor partners of the Luxembourg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour.


Don't be afraid of winter: 30 SEVEN products warm you for the cheapest price (action till January 1st)

You are a lucky LCMT-rider in May? Enjoy also special benefits: heated winter jacket or heated foot soles, all made by 30 SEVEN.

  • Water repellent Softshell jacket with removable Novaheat® heating up element. It will keep your upperbody warm and dry! Breathing textile and heated with the innovative Novaheat® warming up element. You just recharge the 2 lithium-ion batteries after use. And you adjust temperature to the wanted level. Official retail price: 239 €. As a LCMT-rider, subscribing before New Yearsday (and receiving all payments before January 7th) it only costs 65 € (+10 EUR shipment costs if you don't want to wait till the event starts in May). It's possible - nor further cost - to receive the jacket with LCMT-logo print.
  • Immediate link to order this great product.
  • Second product: avoid icecold feet while cycling! Choose the 30 SEVEN soles - ergonomically formed - including rechargable lithium-ion batteries (8 hours long lasting). Official retail price = 199 € LCMT price = ONLY 65 € + 10 € shipment costs. Once again the link to order
  • Finally, no more froozen hands either: get the warmed handgloves for only €85 


The official LCMT-cycling jersey (also for over-all leader in MTB-tour)

Stylish, irresistible LCMT-bikeshirt... is this what you like to wear if you happen to be the LCMT-leader in the MTB _ official _ competition standings? Oh, yes, of course, this is also the official souvenir-bike-shirt. on the back your name personalized. Matching bikeshort... & socks!
And look at the chest: Edition 2017 for framing. Already... registered, but not yet thought about demanding this TOP-shirt? Contact us for your order!


Wanted: retro stories going back in time

We look forward to get your stories about your earlier LCMT-adventures. Knowing well that the LCMT once started as a big adventure in 1999, we have achieved already 96 LCMT-stages untill now! As the May 2017 edition is number 19 for mountainbikers, in fact one should count even this as the number 20, since in 2002 we organized 2 LCMT's in one year: the open tour in May and the specific UCI-tour called LCMT-FLANDERS won by Dutch professional Bas van Dooren in August of the same year. So it's time to get the old heroic stories now for our Golden Book. If you have your personal LCMT-memory, send it through including pictures! You may win some of our valuable prices! Use the contact formular, the e-mail address and the Facebook page! We are looking forward to hear from you.


Sold out already: family- and singlerooms in the hotel

All single-rooms and family arrangements in the Vayamundo are already sold out for coming LCMT-event in May. Other rooms (2-persons twin beds & appartments) are still available. Estimated number of persons that still can subscribe with hotel on current date (November 26th) = 170 à 175.


Congratulations to LILIANE MEGANCK, she wins the Poppyshirt (Armistice action)

Liliane Meganck from Brasschaat near Antwerp has subscribed for the LCMT Road Tour during the 24 hours of our Armistice action. She was one of many but so lucky to be drawn! Shirt and bikeshort will be sent to her place now, after telling us her size-details. To check these visit:!


11 November-action today: get your LCMT-participation & win the official Poppyshirt & -short as well!

Armistice Day on November 11th, 98 years after the Great War finally took an end. Today’s special offer for those who subscribe for next spring’s Luxemburg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour: you can win the offical Poppyshirt & bikehort if you subscribe between 11.00 hours (moment when the Armistice was officially declared) and 11.00 hrs tomorrow (November, 12th). One of you will receive this unique present (it will be sent to your homeplace). All other subscribers (if you are a registrated LCMT-2017-rider) during this 24 hours have also the unique opportunity to order now such a Poppyshirt for €45 only. Normal price = €57 (bodyfit model). If you are not living in Belgium only €5 extra shipment costs will be charged. Use the contact formular and give us your size number. Just to help you: visit the Poppyshirt website:



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