LCMT 2021


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All customized starting numbers are made now. If you want to check out your name and number and in case something would not be correct, please contact us as soon as possible. Because our manufacturer is about to produce them now!

You find those numbers here on the website under 'PARTICIPANTS'.

Some interesting figures now:
160 competition-bikers versus 227 fun-mountainbikers... 4 ladies in the competition-bike tour and 42 ladies all together in this LCMT. Also 5 bike friends "aus Deutschland" and 117 cycling fanatics from Holland.
In the famous triathlon 3 ladies amongst 27 gentlemen.
If you are part of the 'elite' it means you will become 23 this year or will not yet become 40 years this year. If you are 'master 1', this means you celebrate at least 40 years in 2018. When 'master 2' = you will become 50 years or more this year. For the road tour (CYCLO) we make a calculation for gold -silver - bronze (average speed) but give some more time if you are NOT elite or male cyclist.


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